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Website Services

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A website is one of the most important marketing and communication tools for your organization, and becomes more important every single day. In today's market, websites are becoming more and more competitive and we understand that strategy and presentation are both important in creating your design. What makes us unique is that we not only have a sincere desire to help you succeed, but we can also offer functional development with effective programming features, writing to help you rank higher in the search engines and a creative, professionally-customized, artistic look to capture your potential client's attention and the personality of your company.

First impressions count. You have just a few seconds to keep a potential customer on your website. With our experience in graphic design, e-commerce, SEO and Flash animation, we can create a site based on your unique needs. Your success is our #1 priority and we spend the time to get to know you and your company so we can create a site to give you a professional online presence that will take your business to the next level.

We specialize in affordable, strategic, CUSTOM website design & SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our artistic design, strategic writing and SEO is customized specifically to your business. We also can provide custom database design to suit any size web design project. No website is too large or too small, our sites are beautiful and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Call us to design or host your small to large business website, e-commerce website, chamber of commerce website, city, county, or utility website, newspaper, television or magazine website, real estate website, or a site for your church, association or non-profit organization (one of our specialties!). Whether you need your old site updated, or don't currently have a website, we can take care of your website needs every step of the way.

We will help you get started with a beautiful, functional website custom-designed for your business and we can:

* Help you choose a domain name and order it for you
* Write the content of your site
* Figure out effective keywords to attract clients searching for your product or services
* Add your photos or provide stock photos
* Create classy or fun flash effects to suit your business
* Include a contact form so your prospective clients can easily contact you
* Include registration and other forms, simple to database-driven calendars, video, online payment options, e-newsletter    options, and more.
* User-friendly design including compatibility for those with color-blindness.
* Allow you to sell your own propositional items online, from clothing to mugs to sports items to banners.
Customers can    order one item or as many as they would like, and our provider handles the rest, from creating their item, taking their    payment, shipping and sending you your mark-up payment.

Since we are a new team of some of the most trusted and respected professionals in the industry, it is a great time to get your website and design work done. Call or email us today to benefit with great deals and a guaranteed fantastic product as we begin marketing our new business!

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