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For Young Ladies ages 16-24+

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 Media Training and Speaking for Public Figures new

Specialized training for people in the public eye. Chief of Police, Sheriff, Mayors, School Superintendants, Politicians, Non-Profit Leaders and others who will need to deal with Television, radio and newspaper reporters.  Learn how to work with reporters, learn how to answer questions, avoid saying what you don't want to say, and polish up your presentation and speaking skills. Instruction by a former television news reporter and public speaking trainer.  Both group sessions and 1:1 training available. Click here for more detailed info.



For the Employer-Manager 

The Supervisor as Coach – How to help your employees succeed in helping you succeed. Participants will learn the lessons taught by successful athletic coaches and how they apply to the workplace, the key components of leading as a coach and how leadership differs in different settings.

Running Effective Meetings – How to lead meetings that get stuff done, and keep participants involved. Participants will learn about the major “Meetings Busters” and how to deal with them, techniques that engage participants and creates ownership of the process as well as meeting tools.

How to Recognize and Deal with Drug and/or Alcohol Users - click for detail

Workplace Violence Prevention Training - click for detail

Armed Robbery-Psychology, Prevention and Safety Procedures - click for detail

Dealing with Conflict and Hostility - click for detail

Leadership and Personal Growth

A Check Up for the Neck Up

( A Key-Note Presentation) A life-changing presentation by Millionaire Maker and Mentor, Professional Internet Marketer and Network Marketer, and one of 20 women millionaires being featured in the new book, “The Women’s Millionaire Club” –

Perspective is EVERYTHING! How we view the world around us directly affects our experience and feelings. If you don’t like you're experiencing in life, you can always choose to look at them from another perspective – one that brings you peace and joy. Sometimes this isn’t easy and the rewards are always worth it. Join us as we explore ways to dismantle disempowering beliefs and look at life through a new set of eyes.

Leadership Training - How to be a leader, without being heavy-handed. Learn what makes an effective leader, the key components of leading without exerting power and how leadership differs in different settings

Asset Based Development – How to map assets available to us and use them to get stuff done. Participants will learn the components of an asset-based approach to development, types of assets and a quick activity that can be used to “map your assets.”

Public Speaking – The greatest Fear in America- (death is #7)
Participants will learn what happens when we are fearful and how to deal with it How to structure a public presentation that is engaging for the audience and effectively gets out our message, other tips for effective public speaking

Attitude is Everything - click for detail

Living on Purpose - click for detail

Taming the Stress Monster - click for detail

Speaking of Speaking - click for detail

T'ai Chi For Everyone! (Workshop) - click for detail

Effective Work Groups

Effective work groups – What makes them work and how do we stack up?
Participants will learn the key components of successful work groups, how to assess their team, and how to set goals to improve their group’s effectiveness.

Communication for Life - click for detail

Change! – Why it happens and how we can deal with it - click for detail

Work Styles- How to make diversity of styles as an asset, not a problem - click for detail

Employee Safety in Parking Lot/Ramps/Elevators/Stairwells - click for detail

Marketing and PR

Social Media: So Easy a Child Can Do It! - click for detail

Email Marketing: Stay In Touch with Your Customers - click for detail

Sales and Customer Service - click for detail

Grant Writing tips (for nonprofits) - click for detail

Our CPR, First Aid and Heartsaver Classes

Approved by the American Heart Association and taught by certified instructors who have been highly recommended to us due to their superior teaching skills, extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

Family and Friends CPR - click for detail 

Family and Friends First Aid for Children - click for detail 

HeartSaver Courses - click for detail 

Handgun Permit Training and Handgun Permit Renewals

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Specialty Groups:

Law Enforcement:

Peace Officers and the Minnesota Permit to Carry Law
This course, for law enforcement officers, covers the many intricacies in the Minnesota Permit Law. It covers the history of gun permits, where a permit holder can carry, the criteria for a citizen to use a firearm in self-defense, the Department of Public Safety database, what permit holders are told about interacting with police after a self-defense shooting, and what other state’s permits are recognized by Minnesota statute, as well as other topics of importance. This course is approved by the Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Board for 3 continuing education credits for licensed peace officers.